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Discover Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods on a high tech treasure hunt!

From Lake Michigan’s stunning shoreline to the Village of Wauwatosa’s historic downtown, through green space galore in our award-winning Milwaukee County Parks to the storefronts of Brady Street’s chic boutiques and cozy coffee shops – Milwaukee is the big city of little neighborhoods, and the best way to discover them all is on our GeoTour: “Explore Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods.”

In addition to the fun of a treasure hunt, you’ll get to know each neighborhood better along the way: learn about the area’s history, fun things to do there and little-known fast facts. You can hunt for just one geocache if you’re already in the neighborhood to visit an attraction or enjoy a meal, or make a day of it and try to find all fifteen. Be warned – once you’ve started, it’s easy to catch the geocaching bug!

All you need to get started is a GPS-enabled device and a thirst for exploration! Geocaching is fun for all ages, so head out as a couple, with a group of friends or bring the whole family along (TIP: many geocaches are hidden close to the ground, so eagle-eyed kids are a great addition to your hunt).

Click here to see a listing of all 15 geocaches and download them to your GPS device to get started now!

Download the new version of the Milwaukee Neighborhood Expert Passport and fill it in along the way of the GeoTour to be added to a special distribution list. That list will receive the news FIRST when we have a new edition or our GeoCoin or offer prizes from VISIT Milwaukee.

New to Geocaching?
Geocaching is a modern day, outdoor hi-tech treasure hunt. A “geocache” (small hidden container) is hidden at a secret location – you’ll use GPS coordinates and clues to find it! The coordinates for each hidden geocache are listed on

Once you’ve located a geocache, sign the log book inside the container and share your success on The geocache must be returned to its hiding spot when you’re finished for additional geocachers to discover! You might find trinkets and treasures from VISIT Milwaukee or other geocachers left inside the cache – if you take anything, make sure you leave something of equal value behind for the next adventurer who finds the cache.

Check out this video for more tips on Geocaching:



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